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We work with law firms, CPA firms, and advisors all over the country.  To see what these financial professionals and insurance carriers say about doing business with Lionsmark Capital, watch this 7-minute video (to the right).


Our Unique

We have three unique offerings:

  1. Five Different Loan Models

  2. Proprietary Backtesting Software

  3. Custom Client Videos

Watch this 8-minute video (to the left) to learn about the three things that NO OTHER premium financing firm offers.

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premium financing...

We wrote the book on

In this book - Premium Financed Life Insurance: The Key To Effective Estate Tax Planning - Darren Sugiyama addresses everything you wanted to know about premium financing, including how the 0.00% floor in an IUL is created, how participating loans work, the dangers of negative arbitrage, and most importantly, who should and SHOULD NOT use premium financing as part of their overall financial portfolio.

With the changes of AG-49A, 7702 guidelines, and the ever-changing tax code, this book addresses how these changes have impacted not only premium financing, but the life industry as a whole.

To purchase the paperback version on Amazon, CLICK HERE!


...or to download a FREE copy of the eBook, CLICK HERE!



We have created several marketing tools - short videos & whitepapers - to make it easier for financial advisors to introduce the concept of premium financing to their clients.  To access, click the links below:


   Estate Tax Planning (4-minute video)

   Estate Tax Savings >$40MM Net Worth (2-minute video)


   Tax-Free Retirement (5-minute video)


   Solutions for Charities & Universities (2-minute video)


   Avoid Double Taxation On IRAs (4-minute video)

We also have more in-depth videos & whitepapers you can send your clients.  To access, click the links below:


   Estate Tax Savings >$40MM Net Worth (14-minute video)

   Tax-Free Retirement (29-minute video)


   Charities & Universities (31-minute video)


   Estate Tax Planning (pdf download)


   Tax-Free Retirement (pdf download)


   Solutions for Charities & Universities (pdf download)


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