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This is the twelfth book released by author Darren Sugiyama.


Perfect for advisors that want to become IUL "Know-It-Alls" (as well as a perfect gift to give a client or prospective client), this book covers practically everything you'd ever want to know about how an IUL works.

Darren has a gift of explaining complex concepts in easy-to-understand formats, unlocking the myths of this highly popularized life insurance product including:

  • Why Wealthy People LOVE Life Insurance

  • How Policy Charges Work

  • How Floors & Caps Work

  • Different Types Of Policy Drawdowns

  • Whether Or Not Multiplier Bonuses Are Too Risky

  • Volatility Controlled Index vs. S&P 500 Index: Which Is Better?

  • Why Darren Sugiyama Owns An IUL Himself.

To purchase on Amazon click below:

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