Premium Financing


The primary purpose of this program is for accumulation and future income drawdowns.  It is what we refer to as Responsible Leverage, not a free insurance or a magical income in the clouds type of program. 



This program incorporates the simplicity of a level, fixed, annual contribution for a period of 10 years, with a third-party loan payoff in year 11.  We also have a 10-year fixed borrowing rate option as well, wherein the policy value is the sole collateral, with no additional outside collateral required.  When stress-tested in our proprietary software, typically this design would require eight 0% index credits in the first eight years  of the policy to trigger an additional outside collateral requirement.  As long as the policy has a 95% LTV, the client does not need to sign a personal guaranty on the loan, which can be very appealing to most clients.



The client pays the first two years of policy premium out-of-pocket.  Borrowing starts in policy year three, however the premium is not 100% financed in years 3-10.  We have built an algorithm that calculates how much premium should be borrowed, and how much premium should be paid out-of-pocket by the client.  Our proprietary algorithm calculates this ratio to accommodate a fixed client outlay. 


For example, if the client annual outlay is $100,000 for 10 years, in years 1-2, that $100,000 pays the entire premium.  Then in year 3, some of that $100,000 annual budget will pay the interest on the newly borrowed premium, and some of that $100,000 will pay non-financed policy premium.  As time goes on, and more premium is borrowed each year, more of that $100,000 annual budget will be applied to the increasing interest (due to the increasing cumulative loan as more premiums are borrowed), and less of that $100,000 annual budget will go towards non-financed premium.


There is no interest accrued and no early cash value riders in the Omakase program whatsoever.  For clients that want simplicity, less variables, and less risk... with:


  1.  No outside collateral requirements

  2.  No personal guaranty requirements on the loan

  3.  No requirement to submit updated financials every year

  4.  Fixed borrowing rate for 10 years

  5.  Fixed client contributions for 10 years


...the Omakase design is perfect for them.


Watch the 4-minute video below for a brief explanation of how the program works...


Watch the video below where we walk through a full case study using this platform...

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 *Borrow 100% of Premiums

 *Pay 100% of Interest Each Year

 *Pay Off Lender Around Year 16-20

 *Outside Collateral Required



Index Arbitrage

 *Pay 1st Year Premium 

*Borrow Remaining Premiums

 *Pay 100% of Interest Each Year

*Pay Off Lender Around Year 14-16

 *No Outside Collateral Required

*Option to Reduce DB for Income



Interest Accrual

 *10-15 Year Level Contribution

*Contribution = 15% of Premium


*Borrow 85% Of Premium

 *Accrue 100% of Interest Each Year

*Pay Off Lender Around Year 11-20

 *Outside Collateral Required



Pension Alternative

 *10-Year Level Contribution

*Algorithmic Premium Schedule

*Outlay Is Combination of Premium & Interest On Borrowed Premium

 *10-Year Fixed Borrowing Rate

*Payoff Lender in Year 11


*Income Drawdowns In Year 12

 *No Outside Collateral Required