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Design Request
To request an illustration, along with a backtesting report tha models our proxy analyzation of 121 different 40-year periods of actual index performance, CLICK HERE.

Case Study Library
To view several different case studies using different loan models, CLICK HERE.

New Case Application Process
We have streamlined the process of submitting the application to the carrier and the lender by creating a simple Excel sheet that you can download, fill out, and upload.  Our office will take the client information, fill out the actual carrier's policy application and the lender's loan application for you, and circulate for both the advisor's signature and the client's signature.  To download/upload this form, CLICK HERE.

Refinancing Inforce Premium Financed Policies
Do you have a premium financed case that is renewing at a MUCH HIGHER RATE?  If your client extremely upset with this new rate, and they're thinking about walking away from the policy (and potentially threatening litigation against you), we may have a solution for you.  We obviously charge a loan origination fee (billed to the client, which can be capitalized into the loan).  If we can refinance the loan at a lower rate (saving the client interest expense), and the origination fee to do so is greatly offset with the interest savings, it may make sense for you client to do so.  If you have an existing inforce policy that either needs to be refinanced with a better loan rate, CLICK HERE and explain the details of your situation.

With AG-49B restricting the index credit you can show your client at policy renewal, sometimes the outcomes may look MUCH WORSE than what they saw when they first bought the policy.  This can be very difficult to explain to your client.  That's where our backtesting software can be of great value to you as an advisor.  Sure, we charge a fee to do this (and it ain't cheap), but this report we generate could save your relationship with your client.  We will analyze the inforce policy and quote you what this fee would be on a case-by-case basis.  If you have an existing inforce policy (financed or non-financed) that you want to see backtested and stress-tested using our proprietary software, CLICK HERE and explain the details of you situation.

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