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Webinar Library

Below is a collection of recorded webinars that explain several key reasons why Lionsmark Capital should be the only premium financing intermediary you should use for your large cases.

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Everything You Need To Know About How Lionsmark Capital Finances Policies 
(52 minutes) 
We have been flooded with requests to talk directly with our Founder & CEO Darren Sugiyama to learn about all of our lending options.  His calendar is usually booked out 2 weeks in advance, so instead of waiting for an available slot in his calendar, we have a video recording of a full overview of everything Lionsmark Capital does.

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Do High Interest Rates Mean The Death Of Premium Financing?  (19 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama analyzes historical borrowing rates over the last 40 years including 1982 (when Prime was 11.00%).  This webinar addresses what is perhaps THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to understand about the Premium Financing proposition.


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Using Premium Financed Life Insurance As A Retirement Plan (43 minutes) 
We filed a trademark back in 2018 for "Leveraged Index Arbitrage," our proprietary version of using premium financing as a retirement plan.  In this webinar, we'll discuss the "right" way to do it, as well as several "wrong" ways to do it. 

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The 5 Most Common Mistakes Insurance Advisors Make When Talking To Big Clients
(59 minutes) 
Lionsmark President - Darren Sugiyama - has taught and mentored insurance agents all over the country how to become better communicators and presenters.  In this live webinar, he gives advice on how to most effectively communicate with high-valued clients.


Our Backtesting Software 

(17 minutes)

An explanation why our proprietary software modeling is a must-need when selling premium financed cases.  We discuss how floors, caps, multipliers, asset-based charges, and participating loans ACTUALLY work.

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Tutorial:  How To Talk To A Client About Using An IUL For Retirement Planning
(39 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama teaches life insurance agents and financial advisors how to talk to a client about using an IUL for retirement planning purposes.  He also gives you a FREE resource you can use with clients.  Watch this webinar recording for more details.

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The Myth Of Free Life Insurance
(58 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama will show you a "Free Insurance" proposal that an agent asked him to analyze. It looked like it worked using the carrier illustration... but when we dropped the data into our backtesting / stress-testing software, the so-called "Free Insurance" ended up being $21,691,844 underwater by the 40th year.


Is Using Life Insurance To Pay Estate Taxes Really An Expense?  (51 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama will showcase a NEW ESTATE TAX PLANNING MODULE (included in every single "death benefit-focused" Lionsmark client proposal) that shows the "true cost" of life insurance... after capital gains taxes... after fees... and after 40% in estate taxes.

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 11.38.39 AM.png

Premium Financing Lawsuit as reported by The Wall Street Journal & Forbes (49 minutes)
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama comments on a 7-figure premium financing lawsuit that was filed in 2022 against a life insurance agent and two carriers.  Darren also talks about how many premium financing firms miscalculate how much collateral is required by the lenders, and why this can lead to huge lawsuits against financial advisors and life insurance agents.  Darren also addresses the dangers of so-called "FREE INSURANCE" programs.

Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 1.19.21 PM.png

The Next Best Thing To Having Darren Summoned On-Demand  (52 minutes) 
We created an online tool for advisors... a website they can send their clients that is comprised of six short videos of Darren explaining "Leveraged Index Arbitrage" (our trademarked version of premium financing.  It's the next best thing to being able to summon Darren on-demand to explain premium financing to your client 24/7.  Watch this tutorial video on how to use this tool.


Are IUL Multipliers & Par Loans Dangerous?

(54 minutes)

A webinar about how IUL products with multipliers actually work, and whether or not these multipliers are dangerous.  We also discuss participating policy loans.

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