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In addition, below is a collection of recorded webinars that explain several key reasons why Lionsmark Capital should be the only premium financing intermediary you should use for your large cases.  Click on each "tile" below to watch the recorded webinar video.

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What Is Premium Financing?  (26 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama explains the general concept of premium financed life insurance using a mortgage loan analogy, and he and reviews Lionsmark Capital's five different loan models, each one designed for a very specific type of client.

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Lionsmark Capital's  Process & Splits (1 hour, 26 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren will teach you:
*The initial marketing message to a client/prospect
*What to send the prospect before the initial meeting
*How to set up the initial Zoom meeting with the client
*What the first Zoom meeting should look/feel like
*What the client should experience on the 2nd Zoom meeting
*What the commission splits are when you work with us


How Our Proprietary Backtesting Software Works (17 minutes) 
Over a decade ago, Darren Sugiyama began building an educationally based tool to teach clients how an IUL actually works in the form of a "proxy" for the real world product.  We can model the behavior of this model during times of volatility under certain assumptions regarding floors, caps, multipliers, and asset-based charges.  Watch this video of Darren explaining our extensive due diligence.

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When Does It Make Sense To Refinance An Existing Premium Financing Loan? (11 minutes) 
Introducing Lionsmark Loan Lab... a new division of Lionsmark Capital that refinances current inforce premium financing loans, assuming we can get your clients a better borrowing rate.  In this short 11-minute video Darren Sugiyama reviews a case study that could save the client over $1,000,000 in loan interest costs.

"I have been accused of being the Tony Robbins of the life insurance industry... and that's just fine with me."
- Darren Sugiyama

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Rothish & Reverse-Rothish (29 minutes) 
Two revolutionary NEW premium financing platforms, both launched in May 2024.  Client only contributes for 5 years (instead of the standard 10 years).  In the "Rothish" design, the client contributes in years 1-5, then the bank finances years 6-10.  In the "Reverse Rothish" design, the bank finances premiums in years 1-5, then the client pays premiums in years 6-10.

IRA Bailout Plan - 3 Different Solutions (1 hour, 1 minute) 
For clients with a $20MM+ net worth and an IRA worth $1MM+, we have three (3) different solutions.  In this webinar we model side-by-side options that clients can see in addition to a conventional Roth Conversion.  Each of these three strategies use either a premium financed life insurance policy, or a method of financing taxes.

"There is only one way to avoid criticism:
Do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing."
- Aristotle

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How An IUL Actually Works
Darren Sugiyama - 12-time author - does a special reading of Chapters 1 & 2 of his new book called IUL For Dummies & Aspiring Know-It-Alls (release date is June 2024).


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Legacy Investing & Premium Financing (22 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama explains how premium financed life insurance can be used as a hedge against risk in a portfolio, allowing clients to become more ambitious in their other investments.  If you are a money manager (or work with money managers), this platform will make you indispensable to your clients.

"We do not expect common men to reciprocate honor, however it is our duty to live honorably regardless."
- Samurai Principle In The Bushido Code

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What Is Kaizen?  Is There Something Better? (27 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama compares two different premium financing loan models.  Both require the same client outlay, but one uses a high-early cash value rider, and one does not.  One produces more income, cash value, and death benefit than the other.  To find out the mathematical truth, watch this webinar.

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RPT & Whole Life vs. Premium Financed IUL (20 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama compares funding a whole life policy in a Restricted Property Trust (RPT) with PRE-TAX dollars to funding an IUL using premium financing with AFTER-TAX dollars.  It is important to note that this is NOT a hit piece on RPT or Whole Life.  This is purely an objective comparison between the two models from an accumulation and income standpoint.

"The time is always right to do what is right."
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Tough Premium Financing Questions (32 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama tackles these questions:

*Who is premium financing RIGHT for?
*How do high interest rates affect premium financing?
*Why are advisors not telling the whole truth?
*What is the main risk of premium financing?
*Why does premium financing sometimes get a bad rap?
*How does Darren explain his code of ethics?

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2024 Proposal Format Upgrade (43 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama explains how he has updated/upgraded his proposal format for 2024 to make it easier for clients to understand the benefits of premium financed life insurance (compared to a non-financed policy, as well as compared to an equity & bonds account).

"Sugiyama won't even sugar coat a cookie."
- Head Of A Producer Group

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Why Are Some Premium Financing Clients Getting Hit With Huge Collateral Calls? (24 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama explains how many OTHER premium financing intermediary firms miscalculate the collateral requirements, and why clients are getting hit with much larger-than-expected collateral calls. It's because the collateral calculation was miscalculated from the very beginning.  Watch this webinar to see the ugly truth about collateral miscalculations as Darren peels back the layers of the onion.

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A Special Interview With Darren Sugiyama  (39 minutes) 
In this recording at one of our LIVE BOOT CAMPS, Darren is asked some hard-hitting questions about:
  *How he developed the Lionsmark brand
  *How he discovered the art of playing the "long game"
  *The future of premium financing in 2024
  *How to build magical business relationships with clients


"The better you get, the better you better get."
- Darren Sugiyama

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What Makes John Hancock Different From Other Carrriers?
(51 minutes) 

In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama reviews a $10MM net death benefit case using John Hancock's IUL product.  Darren also interviews three executives of John Hancock about how Vitality affects cash value performance, health ratings, and even comp.

Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 9.22.24 AM.png

A New Loan Model For Premium Financing Whole Life
(26 minutes) 

In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama reviews a case study using a Whole Life product, along with our "Sixth-Year Financing" loan design (a conservative way to finance Whole Life that requires zero outside collateral).  In today's high interest rate environment, this loan design is extremely efficient.  We will also compare this loan model to a traditional First-Dollar Financing loan model where the client borrows 100% of the premiums and pays interest-only out-of-pocket.

"An unreasonable obsession with the pursuit of excellence is something I greatly admire."
- Darren Sugiyama

Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 8.26.42 AM.png

The 10 Most Important PF Questions In 2023  (29 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren will teach you:
*How to address rising interest rates
*How to talk to upset clients
*Why some irresponsibly designed PF cases are blowing up
*What you should be teaching your clients about PF


Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 2.37.57 PM.png

The Architecture Of A Premium Financing Sale  (41 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama explains the process of developing the "architectural design" of a premium financed life insurance policy, as well as the most efficient "marketing process" and "sales process" that best helps a client understand the components. Lionsmark Capital has produced some fantastic content (educational videos) that advisors can share with their clients, which will be explained in this webinar.

"Today is the victory over yourself of yesterday;
tomorrow is your victory over lesser men."
- Miyamoto Musashi

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The 7 Biggest Mistakes Advisors Make In Client Meetings 
(1 hour, 7 minutes) 
In this session, Darren addresses these communication mistakes:
  1. Using The Wrong Salutations
  2. Trying To Build Fake Rapport
  3. Thinking You Are Being Judged On The Cumulative
  4. Asking For Permission or Making Selfish Commands
  5. To Communicating Non-Updates
  6. Not Properly Managing Expectations
  7. Trying To Convince/Close/Sell

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 11.57.17 AM.png

Darren Sugiyama Won't Even Sugar Coat A Cookie! 
(39 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly truth about where premium financing is in this current economic environment.  This hard-hitting, brutally honest, fully transparent explanation of what advisors are doing WRONG is absolutely riveting.

Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 1.49.36 PM.png

Lionsmark Capital's  4 Unique Premium Financing Designs + Our Proprietary Backtesting Software  (23 minutes) 
In this recorded webinar, Darren Sugiyama shares two new lender offerings.  One platform offers borrowing rates under 4.00% (sometimes as low as 3.00%) using a Swiss-Based lender, and the other is offering a 5-Year FIXED rate as low at 5.35%.  To find out if your client qualifies, watch this recorded webinar!

Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 6.49.45 PM.png

What Is The Future Of Premium Financing Borrowing Interest Rates? (24 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama talks about how interest rates have increased during the first quarter of 2023, what the projected future interest rates look like, and how they will affect premium financing.He also talks about a new premium financing strategy for clients that are concerned with interest rate risk and collateral risk. 

"Transparency and authenticity produces a far more beautiful outcome than faux perfection."
- Darren Sugiyama

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How To Structure A Charitable Program Between A 501(c)3 And Donors (31 minutes) 

In 2017, we installed a charitable program in a private university and placed 23 premium financed life insurance policies without any health underwriting.  In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama will explain exactly how he did it, and how Lionsmark Capital is in the process of doing another group of 10 premium financed policies using the same university program.

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 9.44.27 AM.png

The Private Retirement Trust - An Interview With Exemption Planning Attorney Dustin Nichols, Esq.  (43 minutes) 
In this interview with Exemption Planning Attorney - Dustin Nichols, Esq. - you will learn a unique way for California residents to protect their assets from lawsuits and creditors, including their accumulation & retirement income-focused life insurance policy.

"Showing off is the fool's idea of glory."
- Bruce Lee

This is one of my favorite quotes because RESPECT is one of
the seven virtues of the Bushido Code that samurai lived by.

Penn WL Webinar Title Slide.png

Premium Financing Whole Life  (23 minutes) 
Though IUL is more popular in premium financing at the moment, using Whole Life can be very appealing to certain clients.  In this webinar, we show a case study using Penn Mutual's Guaranteed Whole Life II product and compare the outcome to a non-insurance based investment, taking into consideration investment fees and estate taxes.

Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 3.27.44 PM.png

Is Pacific Life's Horizon IUL Any Good? We stress-tested it, and the verdict is...  (44 minutes) 
In this webinar, we dive deep into Pacific Life's new Horizon IUL where we stress-test the multiplier proposition using the “Performance” asset-based charges and the multiplier bonus factor. This webinar explains how these variables work, when they work, and why they work.

"When you work with me, you don't pay
for a service
You pay for results."
- Darren Sugiyama

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 1.53.57 PM.png

Darren Sugiyama Gets Grilled By An Advisor With Some Hard-Hitting Questions (52 minutes) 
In this recording of a private Zoom call (which the advisor agreed to let us broadcast with her anonymity), Darren addresses her questions regarding collateral miscalculations, how IUL floors and caps are created, how IULs compare to whole life, how Lionsmark Capital stress-tests our premium financing designs, and proper client suitability.

Leveraged G2 Planning:  A Special Partnership Between Lionsmark & The Rushmore Group (28 minutes) 
This webinar explains how one client saved $16MM in estate taxes, as well as announces our formal partnership collaboration between Lionsmark Capital and The Rushmore Private Client Group.  Unlike the old Generational Split Dollar designs that used MEC policies wherein the policy was intended to be lapsed early, our Leveraged G2 Plan uses a max-funded non-MEC policy on Generation Two that is intended to stay in force long-term for the benefit of on Generation Three.

"The best way to to receive massive blessings is to feel entitled to none of them."
- Darren Sugiyama

Screenshot 2023-05-09 at 5.13.47 PM.png

IUL Smoke & Mirrors:  A Deep Dive Comparison Between Two Different Designs (40 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama reviews a case study... male, age 59, Table 5.  As he compares the carrier illustrations of two different carriers, one carrier (Penn Mutual) illustrates substantially better than the other ("Carrier X"), however in Lionsmark Capital's backtesting software, it is quite the opposite.  You will be absolutely shocked.

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 10.45.22 AM.png

High Interest Rate Environments Actually Make Premium Financing Even Better 
(37 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama analyzes historical borrowing rates over the last 40 years including 1982 (when Prime was 11.00%).  This webinar addresses what is perhaps THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to understand about the Premium Financing proposition.

"The best way to build magical relationship is to give before you take."
- Darren Sugiyama

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Tutorial:  How To Talk To A Client About Using An IUL For Retirement Planning (39 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama teaches life insurance agents and financial advisors how to talk to a client about using an IUL for retirement planning purposes.  He also gives you a FREE resource you can use with clients.  Watch this webinar recording for more details.

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 7.35.35 AM.png

Using Premium Financed Life Insurance As A Retirement Plan
(43 minutes) 
We filed a trademark back in 2018 for "Leveraged Index Arbitrage," our proprietary version of using premium financing as a retirement plan.  In this webinar, we'll discuss the "right" way to do it, as well as several "wrong" ways to do it. 

"The best way to strike a better deal is to over-deliver before you attempt to negotiate."
- Darren Sugiyama

Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 11.01.56 AM.png

The Myth Of Free Life Insurance
(58 minutes) 
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama will show you a "Free Insurance" proposal that an agent asked him to analyze. It looked like it worked using the carrier illustration... but when we dropped the data into our backtesting / stress-testing software, the so-called "Free Insurance" ended up being $21,691,844 underwater by the 40th year.

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 11.38.39 AM.png

Premium Financing Lawsuit as reported by The Wall Street Journal & Forbes (49 minutes)
In this webinar, Darren Sugiyama comments on a 7-figure premium financing lawsuit that was filed in 2022 against a life insurance agent and two carriers.  Darren also talks about how many premium financing firms miscalculate how much collateral is required by the lenders, and why this can lead to huge lawsuits against financial advisors and life insurance agents.  Darren also addresses the dangers of so-called "FREE INSURANCE" programs.

"I always want to get a good deal, but never at the expense of someone else getting a bad deal."
- Darren Sugiyama

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