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darren sugiyama

literally wrote THE BOOK



This is the Second Edition of this book - released in the beginning of 2024 - and is the updated version of Darren Sugiyama's original book that was released in 2021.


A lot has changed in the world of Premium Financed Life Insurance in the last few years including increased interest rates, a recession, the crash of crypto currency, product changes, and industry regulated restrictions put on life insurance policy illustrations.


As the most transparent premium financing intermediary in the life insurance industry, Darren Sugiyama thoroughly explains different methods of premium financing he uses with different types of clients based on their unique circumstances, including several new loan platforms he developed in 2023-2024.


This book is the NEW UPDATED 2024 Version, and addresses everything you need to know about premium financing, including:

  • Premium Financing During High Interest Rate Environments

  • How To Introduce PFLI To Your High Net Worth Clients

  • Five Different Lionsmark Loan Models

  • Responsible Leverage vs. Irresponsible Leverage

  • How PFLI Can Be A Valuable Estate Tax Planning Tool

  • When PFLI Should Be Used As A Retirement Asset Class

  • Who SHOULD & SHOULD NOT Use Premium Financing

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