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STRESS-TEST an inforce policy

Do you have a client with an existing policy, and the renewal illustration looks awful due to AG-49B restrictions?

Maybe the CSV and income drawdowns in the new inforce illustration are FAR LOWER than what you originally illustrated... and if the case was premium financed, it probably looks even worse... maybe even showing an early policy lapse


So how are you going to explain this to your client at renewal time?


If you have an inforce life insurance policy (premium financed or non-financed) and your client is worried about its long-term sustainability due to:

1. Increased Borrowing Interest Rates

2. Lower Index Credit Assumptions (due to AG-49)

...we can backtest the policy design, analyzing 121 different historical 40-year periods, showing a client how volatility can either produce a greater cash value outcome (or a worse outcome).  We use the real world product's charges (standard and asset-based charges if they apply), as well as the real world product's floor, cap, and multiplier bonuses.

We charge an hourly fee to do this scope of work, but this analysis could save your case and prevent a huge chargeback through proper client education.

Enter your case information below, and we will set up a Zoom meeting to discuss whether this is a viable proposition.

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