Our Videos

Below is a collection of webinar videos that explain several key reasons why Lionsmark Capital should be the only premium financing intermediary you should use for your large cases.

Recent Webinars:  Multiple Topics

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What Do CPAs Think About Premium Financed Life Insurance?  (1 hour, 4 minutes) 
On this webinar hosted by Elite Resource Team, Darren Sugiyama spoke to several CPAs, Family Offices, and their clients about how premium financing works.  He also addressed their questions about tax deductibility, index options, and rising borrowing rate environments.


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The 5 Most Common Mistakes Insurance Advisors Make When Talking To Big Clients
(59 minutes) 
Lionsmark President - Darren Sugiyama - has taught and mentored insurance agents all over the country how to become better communicators and presenters.  In this live webinar, he gives advice on how to most effectively communicate with high-valued clients.


Our Backtesting Software 

(17 minutes)

An explanation why our proprietary software modeling is a must-need when selling premium financed cases.  We discuss how floors, caps, multipliers, asset-based charges, and participating loans ACTUALLY work.


Are IUL Multipliers & Par Loans Dangerous?

(54 minutes)

A webinar about how IUL products with multipliers actually work, and whether or not these multipliers are dangerous.  We also discuss participating policy loans.

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AG-49A:  The Death of Accumulation IULs?

(26 minutes)

Is this new restrictive regulatory enforcement going to end accumulation IULs that were built for future income drawdowns?  In this webinar, we discuss the future of post-AG-49A IUL sales.

Irresponsible PF.PNG

Irresponsible Premium Financing Programs

(17 minutes)

Using interest accrual in premium financing can be extremely risky.  Many of these types of programs (promoted by other premium financing firms) fall apart with just a little bit of volatility... kind of like negative amortization mortgages that were sold in 2006 right before the 2008 mortgage crisis.